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In addition to the former members of Congress who represent Advantage, the Company has developed and maintains worldwide connections with successful Businessmen and Businesswomen. These established relationships, which span the globe, enable Advantage to assist with the successful culmination of new business in many underprivileged countries and to address foreign affairs issues throughout the world. The Advantage Team shares information and knowledge and provides a unique expertise. As a result, clients remain on the forefront of worldwide Political and Business issues around the world.

Hon. Bill Sarpalius

sarpaulisCongressman Sarpalius is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Advantage Associates, Inc. and contributes over twenty-five (25) years of combined political and business experience to the Company. Under Congressman Sarpalius Leadership and Guidance. Advantage has gained national recognition as the first bipartisan team of former Members of the United States Congress to offer consulting and lobbying services. Congressman Sarpalius is also the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of HillZoo, Inc (, the most widely utilized website by Congressional Staff.

Congressman Sarpalius formerly served as a member of the Board of Directors of eSAT, Inc. located in Fountain Valley, California, and helped guide this small Internet business to become a publicly traded company. Prior to founding Advantage, Congressman Sarpalius served six (6) years as a United States Congressman and eight (8) years as a Texas State Senator. While in Congress, Sarpalius served as Chairman of the General Farm Commodities Subcommittee and was actively involved in the development of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT). Congressman Sarpalius also served as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Rural Enterprise, Exports and Environment.

Congressman Sarpalius was instrumental in opening doors and establishing overseas markets, to include Russia and other developing countries, for United States businesses while in Congress. Sarpalius was elected President of his freshman class to the United States Congress.

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Hon. Dick Schulze

schulzeCongressman Schulze was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1974, representing the 5th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

Congressman Schulze served in Congress for eighteen (18) years. Schulze’s district encompassed the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area and Pennsylvania Dutch County. While serving as a member of Congress, Schulze was a top-ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee for sixteen (16) years and was the ranking Republican member on the Oversight Subcommittee.

Congressman Schulze was a leader in International Trade and Foreign and Domestic Taxation matters while serving on the Trade Subcommittee for sixteen (16) years where he vigorously championed American Business and Workers’ Rights while advocating for symmetrical trade access with foreign markets. Schulze fought against foreign dumping practices in the United States and was successful in amending a 1984 trade bill measure which would have relaxed the anti-dumping rules applicable to communist countries.

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Hon. Lincoln Davis

Honorable Lincoln DavisBorn in Pall Mall, Tennessee, Lincoln Davis is a husband, father, grandfather, small businessman, farmer, civic leader and public servant. His business experience includes owning Diversified Construction and Development Company. A business devoted to large tract Land Development, Utility Construction water sewer, Commercial and Residential building, Highway and Bridge work and Factory Buildings. He owned and operated a Building Supply and Hardware store involved with retail sales.

Davis worked with USDA after graduating from Tennessee Technological University, with a degree in Agronomy. He was a Soil Scientist and work as a Supervisor for the Farmers Home Administration.

He and his Brother own Davis Farms a grassland and beef cattle farm.

Davis has been a small town Mayor, a State Representative, State Senator, and US Representative. As a public servant Davis was known for his accessibility, his hands-on common-sense, and pragmatic thinking. He used his independent Tennessee values as a guide while working on issues that affected Tennessee and America.

As a member of Congress, serving from 2003-2011, Davis was recognized as a tireless advocate for rural Americans. He Served on the House Appropriations Committee and Committee on Science and Technology during the 111th Congress. Davis also served on the House Transportation Committee, Committee on Agriculture, and the Committee on Financial Services during his tenure.

As a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of fiscally conservative House Democrats Davis joined his Coalition members attempting to Reigning in our National Debt and keep our National Defense strong.

He served as a advocate for working families, Veterans, where he was able to obtain five new VA clinics for his Congressional District, Small Business, Farmers and Seniors.

Lincoln and his wife Lynda of 47 years have Three Daughters and Five Grandchildren. They are Members of the First Baptist Church in Byrdstown, Tennessee.

Developments include, Factory Buildings, Shopping Centers, Apartment and Town-houses, and General Land Development.

Davis, has traveled extensively in the Middle East, Southern Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Meeting with National Political Leader and Business Leaders. Discussing world events including the necessity to defeat Terrorism, Encourage Trade, Address Climate Change, Assistance to Developing Countries and how we can Collectively make our world safer and more productive.

A supporter of International Trade, he is aware that Economic opportunity will be realized only by those who acknowledge that Global Markets and Global Competition drives the World Economy.

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Hon. Robin Tallon

tallonElected to the United States House of Representatives in 1983, Congressman Tallon represented South Carolina’s 6th Congressional District for ten (10) years. Congressman Tallon’s District encompassed a large, diverse population. Prior to being elected to the United States Congress, Congressman Tallon served in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Tallon was also a highly successful businessman prior to serving in a public office. Tallon owned and operated several businesses including Tallon Real Estate, Robin’s Men’s Stores and Tallon Construction & Development.

Congressman Tallon maintains a reputation in Washington as a tenacious and effective lobbyist. In 1993, Congressman Tallon became the Vice President of Federal Affairs for the Tobacco Institute and successfully developed and implemented a lobby strategy to battle industry adversaries.

Congressman Tallon won the respect of his fellow Members of Congress early in his congressional career by demonstrating his ability to build coalitions and work with multiple issues. Congressman Tallon served on the Agriculture Committee where he was appointed Chairman of the Subcommittee of Domestic Marketing, Consumer Relations and Nutrition. This Subcommittee has oversight responsibilities for more than fifty percent of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (“USDA’s”) operating budget. Additionally, Congressman Tallon served on the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee and served as Chairman of the Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus.

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isocolIoan Socol, representing the interests of Advantage in Europe, Africa and Middle East brings much to the Advantage team, including extensive knowledge of Europe trade and politics. He has keen experience in structuring complex international trade deals, assisting Advantage clients to develop political and economical cooperation with Romania and other countries in Europe. Before joining Advantage, he had represented the interests in Europe and Russia of the Malmgren Group Inc, led by Harald B. Malmgren, former US Deputy Trade Representative serving the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford Administrations.

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jinJenny Guo has the specialized knowledge to help Advantage clients open and expand avenues for trade opportunities with the People’s Republic of China.

A native of Beijing, Ms. Guo is a former trade official with the government of the People’s Republic of China. Because of these strong connections and friendships, she continues to work closely with leading PRC officials. A respected expert in the fields of finance and trade, Ms. Guo serves as a trade mission specialist between U.S. and Chinese companies.

Ms. Guo makes frequent trips to the Washington area in order to work closely with the other Advantage team members and clients.

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mubarekColonel Mubarak Alenezi brings much to the Advantage team, including extensive behind-the-scenes knowledge of Middle Eastern governments and politics. He also has a wide network of high-level contacts with national leaders and top business executives throughout the Gulf region.

Before joining the Advantage team, Colonel Alenezi had a distinguished career as an officer of the Kuwait Ministry of Interior Affairs. During his 24-years of service there, he served as Chief Liaison Office to numerous foreign embassies and the military forces. These are personal relationships that Colonel Alenezi renews during his frequent trips through the Middle East. Colonel Alenezi has also served as Chief Consultant for the Kuwait Fishermen’s Union.

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